Equity and Privilege

I’m not sure how we got this way, because I have been among the privileged and among those broken by a terrible economic system. But I have never been where this woman has been: https://www.tiktok.com/@theblkdaria/video/7191548142134021422?_t=8ZNsOxprtsJ&_r=1

So how do I justify my gut reaction? And how do I speak on matters of equity in a world where I have been trained for one of lowest paying occupations in the world at a cost that I still cannot afford after years of “success” and “progress” in my vocation. I still have not experienced the injustices she has had.

Where does my privilege end and my victimization begin? Not sure I have the right language to even speak about this, but I know it burns when I get those unpayable notices from my student loan “vendor.”

What do you think?


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