Church history … “clear?”

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, and will probably need to return to it. Maybe you can help. I’d be grateful.

After living 62 years with some weirdly innate tendency to suck up history—and many things attached to such affinity—I am asking myself the question these days of what “our” religious history really is as Christ-followers, as U.S. citizens who are Christ-followers, and as 21st Century U.S. citizens who are Christ-followers in an age of rampant Christian nationalism.

What are we learning in the mainline/Roman/Orthodox church about nature of “The Tradition?” About “this present evil age?” About our resilience and potential for renewal in the midst of it all (or lack thereof)?

Wanna ponder with me? It’s deep water, but I tend to tread such waters as these. Not looking for answers, but for a way forward in a day when “progress” is held suspect, and “woke” is more than just a synonym for being awakened in one’s thought and lifestyle.

I’m grateful for any comments, but I am especially seeking present thinking or ancient wisdom that can address that “traditional” church reality…and it’s leaders, of course.




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