Are we wrong? Does he NOT get us?

I get it. But… The rhetoric around this campaign (which I get, whether “He” does, or not) has been such a challenge to me these past few weeks. Despite the sources or the intent of the sponsors, through this campaign, my church and I are making contacts with people who DO need an encounter with … Continue reading Are we wrong? Does he NOT get us?


The Rhetoric of “Spiritual Warfare”—a real and present danger.

In “The Rise of Spirit Warriors on the Christian Right ( - downloadable below), my suspicions are confirmed. This ain’t about religion, folks! I’m eager to pursue a conversation about the US version of “American culture wars” and its relationship with “the church,” in its many manifestations. I think this article has taken us somewhere … Continue reading The Rhetoric of “Spiritual Warfare”—a real and present danger.

Church history … “clear?”

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, and will probably need to return to it. Maybe you can help. I’d be grateful. After living 62 years with some weirdly innate tendency to suck up history—and many things attached to such affinity—I am asking myself the question these days of what “our” religious history really … Continue reading Church history … “clear?”

Equity and Privilege

I’m not sure how we got this way, because I have been among the privileged and among those broken by a terrible economic system. But I have never been where this woman has been: So how do I justify my gut reaction? And how do I speak on matters of equity in a world … Continue reading Equity and Privilege